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Mr M – Emergency: Windows 10 Crashed

Blue Screen of Death

One Sunday evening, Mr M contacted MaestroSat because his Windows 10 laptop had crashed after a regular Windows update. Mr M is a Safety Officer at an energy company, he has a background in engineering, and someone you would call tech-savvy.

Whenever he booted the laptop, it would present him with the recovery options menu, and he tried them all, but nothing worked. His major worry was the project files that he needed for work that were not backed up anywhere else. So, he needed a solution that would keep his files intact while recovering the operating system to work again.

Mr M tried using the System Restore option and the process would fail in the middle. He tried the Troubleshooting method and it failed also, and out of desperation, Googled the problem, which led him to a Blog that advised him to paste certain commands on the Command Line to scan the disc for errors, but was also unsuccessful.

Mr M had tried everything he could think of to recover the laptop before contacting MaestroSat. We asked the client to leave the laptop and to expect it ready for work in the morning. The first task was to do a complete diagnostic and follow all the recommended Troubleshooting methods to try recover the Windows 10 instance. When all those failed, a Windows Recovery disc was created on a USB from a different computer and used to boot up the client’s laptop. Through the recovery environment, we used the Command Line interface to write commands that would identify the Disc and partition with windows. The command would be used to shrink the current partition, create two more partitions, one to install a fresh copy of Windows 10 and another to be used as a backup partition.

With the new partitions in place, a fresh copy of Windows 10 was installed, and from that installation we gained access to the old partition, whereby we could copy all the necessary user files to the new partition and delete the old one. From that point on, updates, office suites and antivirus software were installed to protect the system from further corruption. Mr M also gained a new backup partition that he could use to store any files that need to be backed up in case of another failure. This is just one example of how MaestroSat has helped its clients through IT related emergencies. We pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction.


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